What to Expect

As a member of the Milestone family, you can expect our full attention to your pet’s needs! For everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask that all dogs be leashed, and cats be crated.

If you or your pet have mobility issues, our staff will be happy to assist you! Please let us know when you book your appointment, and then just call when you arrive.

We also offer pagers if your pet is nervous, aggressive, or wants to be everyone’s friend, so that you can skip the lobby and go straight from your vehicle to an exam room!

Upon arrival, you will be warmly greeted at check in, and as soon as possible, welcomed to an exam room and provided with any necessary paperwork. One of our technicians will review your pet’s records and medical history, and gather information on your pet’s current condition and the reason for their visit. They will also check your pet’s temperature, pulse, respiration, and heart rate. During this time, we encourage you to give your pet praise and quiet attention to help them become comfortable.

If you will be seeing one of our veterinarians on your visit, they will review the technician’s notes, then join you to examine your pet, discuss their condition, and recommend tests if needed. Most tests can be run in the office, following which, you and your doctor will discuss your pet’s diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions, and schedule appointments so that our veterinary team has time to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the information we are providing!

A veterinary technician will wrap things up by going over medications, management, or follow-up visits your pet may need, and answering any additional wellness or care questions. (They will also, most likely, take this opportunity to invite snuggles and kisses from your pet.)

Our front desk staff will complete your appointment by processing your payment and scheduling future visits. If you have pet insurance, please bring your claim form! We will be happy to fill it out in the office to help reduce the time for your reimbursement process.

Please note:
Our goal is to see all clients on time, and although we plan for the unexpected in our schedule, there may be times when emergencies create delays. We ask for your patience and understanding, and your compassion for the families of the pet in distress.