What do I do if my pet has an emergency?
Call us!  If you even THINK your pet is in crisis, we want you to call!  If our office is closed, you can call or visit:

Upstate Vet Emergency & Specialty Care  –   864-233-7650   –   Greenville
Veterinary Emergency Center   –  864-626-6125  –    Mauldin
Care Animal Regional Emergency Clinic    –     864-591-1923   –   Spartanburg

If you have pet insurance or a microchip, you may also have access to an emergency hotline through those services.

How can I get copies of my pet’s vaccination records?
We will be happy to give you a print out when you’re in the office, but you can also access this information ANY TIME through your My Pet page on our website.  Find your vaccination records, a summary of your visits, medication lists (yes, you can request refills here!), and other important information on your pet’s health.  Signing up for this free service is a breeze, and makes your pet’s health records available on all of your devices!

Can my children come to our appointment?
Of course!  We love kids!  A vet visit can be a great learning experience for well behaved, inquisitive children, and our team is always happy to make them part of the experience and answer their questions.  Some visits, however, can be upsetting for little ones, and very young (or tired) children can be distracting for both you and your pet.  With these factors in mind, we leave this decision up to you.

Can I stay with my pet during our visit?
In most cases, yes!  You are your pet’s best advocate, and we absolutely want you in the exam room.  Some procedures are more efficiently performed in the treatment area, and believe it or not, some pets are actually calmer during this process when they’re NOT with their people, but if you or your pet are uncomfortable with the separation, we will do our best to deliver all services in the exam room.  For safety reasons, you will not be able to accompany your pet for x-rays, or to be present for surgery.

Do you accept insurance?
We ask that clients pay their full balance when services are rendered, but we are happy to help you complete the forms that you’ll need to submit to your pet insurance company for reimbursement.  Some carriers will allow us to pre-certify for more involved/costly procedures ahead of time, so that your deductible is your only out of pocket expense.  Be sure to ask about this option when scheduling your pet’s surgery or treatment.

I’m a new client with an adult pet.  Do you need their previous records?
Yes.  When you make your first appointment, we will ask for previous medical and veterinary information.  You may send them prior to your appointment, or we will be happy to request that your former vet send them directly to our office.

How do I get a prescription refilled?
If your pet needs a medication refill, sign in to your My Pet page, scroll down to “Medications” on the right-hand side, click, and request your refill.  You are also welcome to call in the request.  With either option, we ask that you let us know by  4:00 p.m., and give us 24 hours prior to pick up.  If you are out of refills and need reauthorization by one of our vets, please allow 48 hours to process your request.  Pro tip:  set a reminder alert on your phone, so that you won’t get to the bottom of the bottle and have an “uh-oh!” moment!

I need help getting my dog in and out of the car….
If you or your pet have mobility issues, we are more than happy to help get your pet in and out of the clinic.  Don’t risk hurting yourself or your pet….our staff is trained for this kind of thing!  Just let us know when you make your appointment, so that we can be prepared to assist you, then call or pop in to let us know when you arrive.

Why does my dog have to be on a leash? Because the safety, comfort and well-being of ALL our clients is our top priority.  Being at a vet’s office can be stressful for some pets, and that can lead to unexpected behaviors.  Some pets are extremely friendly, while others are not, and pets who are not feeling well need their space.  Leashing your dog ensures that you have control at all times.

Why does my cat have to be in a crate?
Again, because the safety, comfort and well-being of ALL our clients is our top priority.  Ever try to hold on to a cat that REALLY wants to be somewhere else?  Your normally loving feline might not want to cuddle in your arms in the presence of someone else’s dog – even if Fido just wants to play – and we really don’t want your cat to be frightened or for you to have to get stitches.  A crate gives them an extra sense of security, and keeps everyone safe.

My pet is REALLY nervous at the vet’s office. Help!
We totally understand! In a perfect world, everything we did would make your sweet pet happy, but sometimes, we have to do things they don’t like or understand.  We encourage you to bring your pet by for non-appointment visits from time to time, so that our staff can give them treats and snuggles, and they won’t only associate our office with the un-fun stuff.  We’ll do everything we can on appointment days to make their experience a good one! We also offer pagers to families of really nervous pets, so that you can avoid the stress of the waiting area, and stay in your vehicle or take a walk until it’s time to go into an exam room.  For extreme anxiety, we can give you medication ahead of time to help your pet relax and make their experience more pleasant.

My pet isn’t exactly dog/cat/people friendly.  How do I handle the waiting room?
Skip it entirely.  We offer pagers for our clients whose pets might be uncomfortable around other dogs/cats or have any aggression issues.  We don’t want any of our guests to be stressed!  We are happy to handle your check in and check out so that your pet doesn’t have to be in the company of others.

My pet LOVES EVERYBODY!  What about clients who don’t feel the same way?
Don’t worry!  We’ll make sure that your best friend has the opportunity to spread the love, but since not all pets (or their humans) are extroverts, you might want to get a pager when you arrive.  By skipping the waiting room, you can ensure that your happy pet has a great experience, and save those kisses for the folks who really want them – OUR STAFF!

Do you offer boarding services?
No.  Unfortunately, we aren’t equipped for overnight visits.

My pet had surgery, but isn’t ready to come home today.  What do we do?
We always try to schedule procedures so that your pet can sleep in his or her own bed that evening, but sometimes they need care and monitoring after office hours.  Unfortunately, we aren’t equipped for overnight guests, but we can make arrangements for your pet to spend the night under the watchful eye of Upstate Vet Emergency and Specialty Care’s staff.