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Medical Services

While our goal is to keep your pet healthy, sometimes they get sick.  Our team is here for you and your best friend, to provide care, guidance, and support.

It’s no fun when your best friend isn’t feeling well, so we encourage you to bring them in as soon as possible to see one of our vets.  We may recommend blood work, x-rays, or other tests to help diagnose the problem.  There are a few tests that we have to send to an outside lab, but everything else can be done here at the clinic.

With our in-house lab, we can process most routine and diagnostic tests.  We also offer on-site digital radiology services.  This process captures your pet’s x-ray digitally, as opposed to the old film process, providing clearer images for a faster and more accurate diagnostic process, and making the results easy to share should it become necessary for your pet to see a specialist.

Most medications your pet might need are available here in our office or through our on-line store, but we can prescribe to online providers or veterinary/local pharmacies.  Pro-tip: If you opt for an outside vendor, we strongly encourage you to choose a well-known, high volume provider to ensure the quality of your product.  We also work with compounding pharmacies for pets that are difficult to medicate, or that need a specialized dose or non-traditional method of delivery.  Through this partnership, we can often offer pills and liquids in a variety of pet-approved flavors, ointments, gels, or trans-dermal medications, and better customize your pet’s treatmen

In some cases, your pet may require intravenous medication or hydration (IV).  This service is usually performed in our treatment area, under the supervision of one of our technicians.  (Regular cuddles from team members are an unwritten part of this treatment plan!)

If your pet is injured, or suffering from a chronic condition, we can manage their pain through medication and/or therapy.  We are very pleased to be able to offer laser therapy in our clinic.  Cold laser therapy is relatively new in veterinary medicine, but can be very effective in treating pain and inflammation from arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries and in promoting healing for wounds. Many of our pet clients find the treatment to be an incredibly relaxing experience.
Pro-tip: bring your camera: you’re going to want a photo of your pet wearing laser goggles!

We do not offer grooming services, but can provide medically necessary bathing for pets of current clients to treat skin conditions, or help keep them clean while recovering from an injury or surgery.  Cats, not being well known fans of water and swimming, may need a bit of sedation for this procedure.

You may also need non-medical options to help your pet recover more quickly, including diet/exercise adjustments and environmental changes (beds, steps, ramps, etc.), and we are happy to work with you to develop a custom plan for your pet.

Whether your pet’s illness is temporary or chronic, our team will be with you every step of the way!