Wellness Visits/Vaccinations

Most pet owners know that rabies vaccinations are required by law, but did you know that annual wellness exams are an essential part of keeping your best friend healthy and safe?

If your pet gets sick our team is here to do everything in our power to make them better, but through annual visits, we can sometimes PREVENT them from getting sick!  Cats and dogs can’t tell us when they don’t feel well, and for many, it’s part of their natural instinct to hide any signs of weakness, so they could be really sick before you see the first symptom.  With some conditions, there are NO symptoms, and the only way to tell there’s a problem is through bloodwork and examination by a trained veterinarian.   Early detection of an illness or disease helps us get ahead of the problem, keeps medical costs down, and most importantly, helps your pet to feel better and live longer!

We do several things during a wellness exam:

  1. We talk to YOU! You know your pet better than anyone, and have important information on your pet’s habits and activities that can give us clues about their physical well-being.  We want to know….we NEED to know…..if you have seen any physical or behavioral changes in your pet: mood, appetite, temperament, bathroom habits, limps, more or less vocal, excessive scratching, drinking more or less water, etc.  YOU are an essential member of your pet’s health team!
  2. We perform a nose to tail physical assessment, checking for any sensitivity, hidden injury, lumps and bumps, or structural issues. (Yes, this is where we can tell how much ice cream you’re sneaking them in the evenings!)
  3. Your veterinarian may recommend blood, fecal, or urine tests to check for parasites or other conditions. Most of these tests can be run in our office while you wait.
  4. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we may recommend additional vaccines and preventatives to keep them safe and active.
  5. We perform a dental exam, checking for tooth condition and gum disease, and may recommend dental care. Pro-tip:  start early with your pet when it comes to good dental health…..brush their teeth, give them cleaning chews, etc.  Our team is happy to offer recommendations to keep their pearly white, well, pearly white!  Poor dental health can lead to a number of serious health issues, and we don’t want that for your pet!
  6. We will give you a body condition score, and offer nutritional counseling and exercise options to keep you pet at their optimal weight.

We would be happy to discuss our Wellness Program with you, to answer any questions you might have, and to schedule your pet for their annual visit!