Senior Visits

It can be more than a little unsettling the first time we refer to your pet as a “Senior,” put don’t panic!  That’s just our way of saying that they need a little extra TLC, and we need to keep a closer eye on them to make sure that they stay healthy!

Senior pets are AMAZING!  They have plenty of life and love ahead of them, but because dogs and cats age more per year than we do, Wellness exams become an even more important part of their health plan.

Older pets are more at risk for a number of conditions, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, periodontal issues, hormone disorders, cognitive issues, and kidney or liver problems.  The size and breed of your pet can make a difference, but when they enter this phase of life, we’ll let you know, and will recommend a Senior Wellness Exam, to establish a baseline so that we can easily detect changes in their condition going forward.

The good news is, that with early detection, most age-related conditions are manageable, and you and your pet can still have many years of quality time together.

Our team will work with you to address any medical, nutritional, or exercise issues, and to recommend changes and options to keep your pet healthy, comfortable, and happy, as they age.

Senior Pet Resources